Sunday, November 7, 2010

Patrick Star!!!!

Amazing Star!
Amazing Cartoon!

Cute!!!! ><

See!! How FAT IT'S!!!!
arghhh!!I love it very much!!!

when i look its face, it will make me smile...
I never see sadness dance on its face....






变态杀手--Mr. Never die



Monday, 11:05 a.m

confronting my old fashion pc...lolx)
a bit boring...
a bit emo...
a bit speechless....
I'm wondering... why is the time passing so fast...
people surrounded change easily..
I can't accept it...
Sorry, my dear blog...
I always note down all the sad things, mad things inside your brain...
Often being quiet and..emotional..
I'm selfish,
selfish because I don't want share my sadness with anyone in this world...
Finally, I'm fed-up
none of them can total understand how i feel...
even though my lover...
ya, he can read my mind..
but he's a human being too..
he needs some times to digest my naughty
Forgive & Forget
we agree it..
every time I log in my Facebook account..
I don't know why,
I feel lonely...
none of them can be trusted
none of them can be talked
none of them...
sorry, i get hurt since I was Form 1...
sorry, heartbreaking again...
my heart.. is different with others...
i need caring, need love more than I can say..
I'm weak
but I don't wanna show it front of my friends, family...
Is hard to pretend
so i give it all up!
I'm who I'm
I'm not a perfect girl
I hate being famous
I taste it before...The moment I was the top!
the next moment I'll fall down
or pushed by others...
maybe someday
I stay lonely
I live lonely
I cry lonely
I laugh lonely
why not??
I always being like this...can say... most of the time...
thanks for blogger!
Today,you help me a lot...again
I can reveal everything inside your brain..
haha, I didn't share my blog to others...
i hate it so!!
because, what if others know my secret?
they turn their faces to fake!
and pretend love me...
at the end, fool me& I fall o the ground
I'm an independent girl..
I don't need people comfort me
I don't need anyone pity me
I can stand up by myself
I can heal my wound!
I can!
I'm not disappointed at all...
I still have my dignity..
I can wait though I'm impatient...
I still hope there's something more out of negative issue
An Angel??
I love mythology
I love story...
I love my family
I love Mr. Bear!
I love my friends...
Yian Chee, Yen, HKang, Fat, YShee, Chris bro, Pryn, JYem...
I can list all of them out.. Anyway, thx for helping!!
Without you, my school life could be dull... thanks for your joking! and...try your best to comfort me...
my special friend, Keith...
Congrats to him! Found a little girl... and now they live happily together!
Without you, I guess I still a bad girl... lol x)
my another special friend, James, Chee Fei...
He taught me a lot of things... Thank You! Seriously I never blame you! If you face any problems in your life, I will help you without any hesitation... because you're the special one, who taught me how to appreciate... without you, I guess I never know how to love my bear..
my special someone, lovely BEAR
without you, I guess I still being lonely
without you, I guess I still willing to love my ex though he never love me and won't love me in the future
without you, I guess now I must be a "lala" is pretty complicated...
Besides you, I guess I won't love a boy anymore

P.S:I don't know my bear will jealous or not if he see the "special friends" words...
Haha, I guess he won't
He always know what I think