Sunday, September 26, 2010

A wonderful Sunday

Well, I gonna update my blog today...
Today's such a meaningful day
my mind is clear
thanks to my dear =)
nah~~ give you a long long kiss...
thanks God
luckily my dear and me still stay together happily
though there's more obstacles and difficulties will appear immediately in our life
we can't avoid what we destined to get it
we just can face it
some times
we're hopeless
we're helpless
we're lost
we still love each other...
Love is such an amazing things....
Thanks to my dear for telling me all about the life
and guide me when I'm lost
when I'm frustrated
when I'm emotional...
ya, he's always right...
Form 4 only what...
he always forgive my naughtiness...
I'm touched
when he says I'm cute
when he says I'm pretty
when he tries his best to prove
I'm wrong bacause i despise myself for my weight ><
when he praises me all day long
though I'm not a perfect girl in other people's mind
but I'm good enough for him...
that's the way he loves me
love is forgive and forget....
our love is somewhere near perfect
^^ we enjoy our happiness every single minute in everyday

last night,
Kah yi, yen yen, shee ying, yee yew and my dear dear came to my house
we'd make freaking star using candles
and we're satisfy with it=)
I spent my time with my dearest friends and my lover in
a very happy happy weekend

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