Friday, December 17, 2010

17 DEC

17 DEC 2010
bout two weeks more to end this year
I'm thinking what I've done in this 2010 year

Too many unhappy things happened on me

Esp friends lor..
I'm wondering bout the changing of people
They can be friend with you this min
what if next sec they turn to your enemy??

I was like WT??

Never mind, let it be

There's always a place to everything


The 2nd is bout my studies


One of my best friend, Sarvin

he helped me a lot

gave two boxes of references to me @,@

thx to him!

I'll appreciate it for sure=)

I promised myself will study hard next year

It's gonna be a challenging year for me...


I've to force myself to complete the stuff listed as below:
  • ---MUST wake up early on 3rd Jan 2011
  • ---MUST study very very very very hard
  • ---MUST pay attention in the class
  • ---MUST always remind myself that study is important than FRIENDS
  • ---MUST...MUST not worrying about FRIENDS anymore
  • ---MUST GET 7A or MORE than that!!!!!!!!!!! ( This is the most important one!)
  • ---Try to start doing revision in Feb ^^
  • ---Try to have balanced diet everyday
  • ---Try to take good care of myself

Oh Yeah!

Why must not worrying bout friends??

Because I'm really disappointed to them

Why not trying to put some efforts on my studies??
It's total worth than that

Besides, have to emphasize here...
some friends are worth to keep inside my heart till the end

I won't & never forget them

Yeah! We're tight and Yeah We fight! But through all of it. There's one thing we'll never change..We'll be

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