Saturday, December 18, 2010


I'm wondering ah.... Why Soul Krazy became the Champion??
Hmmm!!! Just because of the battle part??
I'm very very beh song lor!!!!
Their performance can't replace another 3 teams for sure....
I think the competition is according to battle part only...
That means their first two rounds were useless de lor!!!
So what they are expert in battle??
Not professional among 4 crews....

Max Identity is very Geng d!!!!
But they got 4th only...
Walau, so sad T.T
See! That girl is expert in gymnastic!
She can bend her body easily...
Clap my hands!!

Dynamix wooo~~~
Wow!! I vote for their performance in final!
Esp the hopping ropes part....
Unexpected skill & creative!!!

Floor Fever's turn!!!
Oh Yeah! Don't think because of they're Malay so they're weak
Nowadays, this crew is proud of Malay lor!
One Malaysia ma~~
Malaysia always Boleh!!!!

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