Sunday, August 8, 2010

Before The Clock Turns 12a.m.

I have something to show you before the clock turns 12a.m. my dear,sorry i am not very good in public writing..hope you enjoy dear.

This is how we hug since the day we are together.......

This is how i kiss you when i see your pretty face.I hope i can kiss you now dear

I had all the fun chatting with you dear....Jokes,Music,How you feel and so long~~~

Miss me???ahahah this reminds both of us on the phone all the time....I love you

Dear i know this is not me,but i am glad that you are happy when you watching live show perform by me.Hope you enjoys those love songs dear muackz~~ muackz~~

Your voice is like the guitar string vibrating and it will say I love you....

Dear did you enjoy reading those pictures????Sorry dear i am not very good in essay,lol.Well i am very happy to be with you dear,all the difficulties we had gone through together and we learn plenty of things in life right??hahaha. I miss you i really hope to see you soon dear.Muackz~~~ i am quite tired now,take a nap you dear i love you like i always do....

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