Friday, August 6, 2010

A complicated Friday

Almost whole night,
i didn't sleep well..
Call my baby then and chat
nothing special...just missing him
about one month I didn't see him
:" How are you, my little girl?"
:" Did you sleep well, pig?"
:" Do you lose your weight? Take care, boy =)"

I used to chat with him whole day long.
And I enjoy too^^
Well, time to school...
NIGHTMARE begins....
Today, I planned to drop by in Alex's house, my baby's bandmate
The American-Chinese... Erm,
He will go back to California on this Sat
so I decided to meet him at his farewell party
I asked permission from my dad in the car when he sending us to school...
but, unlucky things always happen around me!
He sudden shout at me and said
:" don't tell me how rich is your friend!"
:" don't tell me how is he good in English!"
:" don't tell me he gonna leave soon!"
:" If you truly love him, just go ahead and get married with him!"

Well, these are what he told me today
and my mood is totally affected by him!
I shouted him back,
eh Uncle!
If you don't let me go there,
can you scold other things??
Furthermore, I ain't your toy...
You can't display my mood
You can't control my mind
You can't change my world
You can't destroy my life!

I'm tired of your scolding
I'm tired of your control
I'm tired of your attitude
I'm tired of the way you talk to me
I hate the way you glanced at me!

Now, this moment,
I'm really fed up of you!
Don't try to know about my things from Mr.Tan
If you really do,
why can't you ask me straight?
Enough Enough
pissed off!
fuck off!
Whatever, like what i told you in the car!
pray for God of wishing me die before I'm 18 years old,
you know why?
Cause when i grow up, I'll leave Seremban!
I mean it!
I'm reluctant too!
But no point for me to stay by your side forever
You won't appreciate me
You won't love me
You're addicted to scold me!
You used to scold me EVERYDAY
I used to bear it EVERYDAY
I cry, my tears will fall every time when you scold me not even as a dog!
I cried this morning
Mr. Hong Kang gave me his tissue, haha
love you guy>< me=")" style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 204, 204);" face="georgia" size="4">PS: SHE CHALLENGES GOOD STUDENTS

10,52 pm now, where are you baby??
I miss you=)
Come back early
And Take care
I love you

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