Friday, July 30, 2010


-I thought I can't but I'd accepted this since one month ago... The way she treated me, I can't take no more. So I've to stop what I was doing-- treat her as my good friend! ENOUGH! Pain, I can't get enough but I'm no longer a silly girl as before. Now, I've to stop thinking of her..
-Today's my dear Yian Chee's 16th birth! Happy Birthday to my cute girl! Keep your smiling face everyday! And stat strong however the worst of things it could be... Your faithful sis, NIC always love you so =)

-During Eng period, I tear pieces of paper out of my book 1 and started "blogging" on that blank paper. I've no time to update my blog everyday even weekends. That's why I have to note down everything as I can. I really can't bear my Eng. teacher , Pn. Sumathi cause of the way she teaches. Having acc. tuition class at 3.15 pm. Quite lazy and tired but no choice I've to study hard. Hope I can gain a good result in final exam! God bless me =)
-Having chicken rice and sandwich at Huey Li's house ♥ Yummy!
-Gonna summarize my oral essay now.... Good NiteZzz to my friends
sweet talking with my pig now ><

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