Friday, July 23, 2010

Since the day u leave me alone

Since the day I don't love you,
I'd no feeling to you anymore,
pointless to care too much!
you're not worth for me to care about...
sorry, my English is quite sucked! Epic Grammar!
Because of "these" kinda reasons....
I can't release my thinking and feeling to you as well...
I'm sorry, what a 10 years anniversary??
Is this what you decide to give me??
Enough! I know someday I can live without you!
Is you! Is you! Don't try to escape!
You can lie everyone easily!
You're hardworking in your study, that's enough for you...
Poor in friendship is nothing for you!
Should i change my kindness into cruel?
What a kinda word to me now??
I feel likes throwing this word from my world...
my goodness! you did mess up my life as you wished too!
Do you know that how many times i cry for you?
Absolutely, you're not worth for me to do so...
Don't you know that?
I'm tiring of your masquerade?
Can you please drop it??
I think i would like to have an "exciting" arguement with you rather than pretending!
You're a total failure in handing problems...
Today, I'd my mind of back to murni class... AGAIN!
I really do!
I swear!
I really....almost suicide confront you all!
Would you happy with this if i really do so?
I think yes...
I often thinking about...if someday I'm dead, whom will attend to my funeral?
Whom will cry for me?
Whom will be my true-hearted friend?
All my life wanted is together happily with friends and family!( included my lover)
But, what had you guys gave me at last??
Outside looks pretty but inside is all shit!
Your kindness is covered by shit!
Have you ever realize?
Sorry, I did ask a stupid question!
Because, I'm sure that you never ever realize!
Please look into the mirror!
You look like Shit!
You sounds like toad!
You smile is faked!
I can't list them out!
I'm who I'm!
Don't try to ruin my life...
I'll whack you if you do so!
You will pay for what had you did!
Get out my sight!
Get out of my life!
I hate everything about you!
After every feeling that i get!
but I still don't miss you yet!
I'm disappointed with you!
Today, I'd heard one of my friend said to me...
Be cruel as you can!
there's nothing unless cruel in this world!
What s reality called!
Finally I'd realize that I'm being too kind to you before....
Please do remember what i said!
I won't come back anymore if i got a chance to go!( when I'm 18 years old!)
that's what I need to do rather than sitting here and waiting for getting hurt and scolding!
Don't beg me to stay... I won't be kind to any of you anymore!

( According to above thinking, just to MY "FRIENDS" and MY FUCKING "FAMILY"
I didn't get any love from you all!)

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