Friday, July 30, 2010

Diary ♥ 

-Acc. period... Sejarah! I'm blogging now=) A very Good Morning to my pig! Though i know he's still sleeping.. Zzzz.. Having a slice of pizza just now. Samantha's mummy baked it! ♥ Yum Yum!! Thanks Sam darling! Your mummy can own a cafe now, consider it as affordable. I'm cool,don't know why.. I'm quiet and I like it.. I enjoy being quiet in hustle and bustle.. Naturally passed through my mind , such a nice song by Selena Gomez ♥ 

I'm frustrated now because I haven't write my essay...Gonna pay RM1 soon... Mr.Durian said: "给够她10块,就10篇不用做!"Well, you suck dude! BC gain 37% as my result!!!! Oh GOSH.... ><

dead pig was sleeping now
She woke up at 7++pm...

♥ you, PIG! Muacks... 

Imba vs Peace
Imba won!!! YEAH!!! IMBA!!

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