Saturday, February 6, 2010

lazy→forgive me,lack sleeping

got school day..
i didn't go to school..
not lazy!
my dear know why..
thx dear..
i love u for my life..
i receive H's msg..
call her then..
she told me,
last night they get together again..
but he said he need times to think this morning..
i hold my breath..
H, don't be stupid k?
he ain't love you more?
why you keep pretending yourself?
is he a best guy?
james even better than him!
..sorry.. i hurt you..
i just want you face to it..
but u dissapoint me..
so sad..
never mind..
you'll know one day..
ah bee sms me..
:she cried again..
:what happen?
:F wants break up with her..
:WTF.. he better go to hell!
:haiz.. we just can company her..
that's only what we can do

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