Saturday, February 6, 2010

SAD→they will learn their lesson

today.. my 6th sense told me,
bad things will happen..
i went 4 my add maths tuition class..
i found some Fxxx msgs(between a fxxx guy and 劲)..
before i write this, there's a story wanted to tell..
a guy, called F loves a girl, B..
he loves that girl since he form 1..
(now, both of them are form 4)
one day, B celebrated her birth in school
F bought a cake to for her..
B was touched..
(actually, B wanted accept him..
F aly with a girl,H..
fine.. B didn't tell anyone the truth..
she let him go)
B and H love each other so DEEPLY..
and B PROMISED H, will loves her FOREVER
and WON'T BETRAY her!
.. now i expose the lie!
:劲, i regret aly..
:?? regret what?
:i miss B..
:what? so u wanna break up with H?
:i think..
:but H falls for you in a big way..
:.. i know..
:so.. wat's ur finally decison?
:chased B back when grow bigger..
after i finish reading those msgs..
deep breathing, cool down 1st..
i asked劲.. what should we do now??
劲sighing, do nothing..
he look at me with a worried frown..
i closed my eyes and try to ignore this.
i told my dear after tuition, i know he can help me..
when i was talking with him,
actually my tears coming out, but i didn't tell him..
he understand me
because.. this thing occured to me that
my ex treat me like that before..
and nobody help me that time.. despair much..
my good friend, H same with me..
i try to help her..
but 劲and leong advise me that
no point to wade in..
i listened to them..
after school,
i saw H.. she seems sad
i know what happen..
the moment she enter my room,
she cried
:F ignore me without any reason..
i keep quiet, that's pity girl still don't know the truth behind
we went for tuition..
H read the msg.
劲and me din told her..she found by herself..
ok..she told me
:i cannot bear this more..i want break up with him
i totally agree with her..
when H said to F..
i didn't find any slightest of sadness on his face!
still LAUGHING!!
H came my house..
she cried out loudly..
i hug her so tight..
company she..
i cried too when i listen to我爱他..
after that.. we stop..
she sms with other friends..
we laying on the bed,
i keep quiet..
that's the best way i did,
i think so..
thn, after she back home..
i told my dear..
i was non of my buisness,why i still wade in??
but never mind..
i will try my best to help my friends in future..
i heart you all..

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